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Topsee Electronic Tech Co Ltd is Chinese leading network surveillance

Whole OEM/ODM service

Our core competitive advantages are different embedded device development and produce, especially OEM/ODM customized service. We will offer full service to our OEM customer based on accumulated product development and produce experience

With physical isolation gateway, data encryptor, network storage server and so on multiple series products in network safe field, we provide different network environment application device and resolution, meet customer different requirement included case ,device hardware,OS,button drive ,treaty and development system, developing and designing product service again.


Embedded development platform and board OEM/ODM service.

We offer all kinds of embedded processor soft hard development platform and board, which aim at professional industry application and design, customer, can finish product development without changing any hardware. With our company for so many years of embedded board and production experience, we provide OEM/ODM customized services to customers, offer different size specification boards and solutions to meet customer different requirements, which include wiping off board redundancy function, adding or reducing interface function, changing boot load, developing and designing product service again.