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Company Profile

Topsee Electronic Technology Company, Ltd.is the leading Chinese network surveillance solution and product supplier in China. We have been in the video surveillance industry for a long time and we are also experienced in the IP networking industry. We are the leading provider of network based surveillance products, IP camera technology solutions and professional services to the global market, providing the best value for money services and products to our customers.


We have an established in-house research and development capability that drives our program to increase our capability to build our own intellectual property rights for various network video surveillance products in close cooperation with various well known manufacturers such as Texas Instruments (TI), Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), Sony, OVT, Micron and many more well known enterprises to promote research and development in the field of video processing technology.


Through continuous technical leadership and innovation, we dedicate ourselves to provide our customers with full-turn key production solutions and services for their network video devices and its components. These solutions are ideal for different brands of surveillance equipment manufacturers. Our OEM/ODM video modules for CCTV products are ideal for manufacturers who plan to integrate their analog products  into the IP network video surveillance products.


Topsee's products and marketing services are available globally. We have established 8 offices in mainland China, a wholly owned subsidiary in Hongkong and a joint venture in South Africa, and we are preparing to open more branches in strategic locations around the world to be able to offer a fast and quality service to all our customers.


We are continuously improving our sales channel program to make sure our sales partners are properly supported. Our products and our sales channel program provides a great opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to explore alternative suppliers and OEM/ODMs in the market which would allow them to compete in the global market.


Our products for network video surveillance are designed to work in wireless networks, and are ideal for use in telecom operators, nuclear power stations, electricity generating stations, environmental protection, wharfs, parks, construction sites, oil fields , securing a city and other fields of interests where surveillance enhances the social stability and safety of an area or location.


Topsee vision: “To be the leading video surveillance experts and leaders in product quality and customer service

Topsee mission: - Provide our customers with best resolution cameras at competitive prices.

  - Provide our customers with the best customer service.

 - Continuously improve our products' reliability, features, ease of use, video quality, recording quality, and over-all product quality, and power    consumption, all of which defines a great product